Δίκτυο Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης, Ψυχικής Υποστήριξης και Πολιτισμού


Network of solidarity
Legal Framework – Statute: NGO

Starting from:

February 2011

Who is involved:

Mental health workers (psychologists, doctors – psychiatrists, sociologists)
social scientists
artists and …
everyone who cares for human beings


Those in need of psychological support, but cannot afford it
(unemployed, semi-employed, uninsured …),
without distinction of origin, gender, class, religion, age, sexual orientation,
political beliefs, physical abilities, etc.


Code of Conduct of the Association of Greek Psychologists,
Post code of ethics of the European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations,
Charter of professional ethics for psychologists


In our texts: “from the heart” and “from the heart continued”


Strengthening the social fabric, so as to achieve the rupture of isolation
and to face feelings of fear and weakness in individual and collective level.

Contribute to the development of sociability and social solidarity,
putting aside the social discrimination.

Non-profit status – no economic benefit.

Media – Actions:

– Psychosocial support and empowerment:

Treatment: individual, group, family therapy and healing through art.

– Prevention – Providing information:

-Interactive lectures (schools of all levels, educators at all levels, children and adolescents,
parents associations, hospitals, residential care, public and private entities)
-Symposia – Workshops
-Ground action in neighborhoods, places where immigrants work or gather.
-Cooperation with student clubs, migrant associations, other NGOs, local government …
-Artistic events: music, theater, dance, visual arts …
-Publishing Informative material

Internal Function:

1.Therapy group

Availability-hours of each therapist
-Informing the Secretariat concerning availability hours
Services provided upon appointment
-Open: Monday to Saturday
– Fortnightly meetings of the therapy group.

2.Wider Group

-Secretarial support (mostly by phone) – cyclic presence of volunteers, linking the Secretariat
with two members of the therapy team for emergencies, operation Monday – Saturday.
-Scientific contribution to matters that may arise.
-Participation in the task of communication and prevention through targeted
internal groups – committees created from all members.

– Monthly meetings of the wider group.

3.Plenary session

-Contribution to the operating costs of the network.
-Maintenance of the place.

Plan of action:

Initial promotional activities: press release (Greek), website, brochure.
Contacts with radio producers, press – radio – tv journalists to work together
in order to raise awareness and instill hope to people.
Contacts with people of Arts and culture for concurrence and joint action
for the achievement of strengthening the social fabric.
Expansion of operations of the network and collaboration with other professional groups
that share common principles and objectives for combating fear, providing support to
socially excluded groups and strengthening human and social fabric.
Geographical expansion (rest of Athens, Thessaloniki, major cities of the country) to support self-reliant local networks
to participate in a broader nationwide network with common goals and values ​​- create a coordinating body.