Δίκτυο Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης, Ψυχικής Υποστήριξης και Πολιτισμού


  • The intended purpose of the Company is to strengthen the social fabric, so as to achieve the rupture of isolation and to deal with feelings of fear and weakness in individual and collective level, and contribute to the development of sociability and social solidarity letting aside the social discrimination due to origin, gender, class, religion, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs, physical abilities, etc.
    The project of the company is humanitarian, supportive, developmental, informative, educational, cultural and non-profit. The company is guided by the principles of equal concurrence, mutual and voluntary sharing and not of financial transaction. Specifically designed to strengthen the social fabric by attempting to assist in the development and enhancement of individual potential of each member of the society, encouraging them to share their services, expertise, technical and creative skills, goods and experiences.

Our main concern is to strengthen the act of reciprocity, mutual support and collegiality based on the principle of equality, mutual respect and mutual recognition of self-worth of each member of the group beyond any instilled social discrimination.

  1. The Company seeks to achieve its aims by the use of any legal means, mainly:
    a) To provide psychological support and empowerment, based on the free and voluntary sharing services, knowledge, skills, experiences or property (other than money). These services can be provided directly, face to face or by telephone, or through any electronic means.
    b) To provide information in schools, hospitals, residential care, other public, private or other entities.
    c) To provide information and raise awareness among citizens in public spaces such as squares, neighborhoods, street markets, workplaces and anywhere else that the environment seems appropriate.
    d) To organize events, lectures, seminars, workshops, symposia etc.
    e) To issue leaflets, flyers, newspapers, magazines and books. In order to achieve its objectives the company can maintain a website and use any other means of production, processing and dissemination of knowledge.
    f) To procure, receive and manage funds solely for these purposes. To take actions and activities, which are permitted under the present Statute, i.e a non-profit organization, always in accordance with the respective active legislative framework which will develop its actions.
    g) To collaborate with collective entities, and non-governmental organizations both nationally and internationally.
    h) To act the imposed broader partnerships with associations, legal entities and state authorities to promote its goals.
    i) To cooperate with other organizations or companies pursuing similar purposes and to implement them joint programs or projects.
    The purpose of the company is always non-profit and without economic gains.