Δίκτυο Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης, Ψυχικής Υποστήριξης και Πολιτισμού

From the heart

We wonder. What is indeed that element that keeps our world still standing? While we are asking ourselves honestly, our hearts have already given the answer. Love seems to be always a drop above hatred. A small, a tiny drop is enough, and, lo! a whole world stays in place. The fuel for the journey to the magical garden of life is not money. It is a simple drop.It has always been and will always be that way. The earth rotates because of love. And yet, this world still makes war against its fundamental principles. A world against its own self. It is like a blind child who has lost her way to adulthood. She is afraid, separated, she exploits, enforces, envies, dominates, kills legally or illegally and she still remains greedy, afraid and cries helplessly. She wants to make a step forward, but does not know how.

A handful of people, who are all different and also similar like drops of love, have gathered to dare just that: Take a step forward. Start digging through the rubble. Walk side by side with our different self and with all those who are gasping in the margins of society. A margin that, ideologies and thoughtful analysis set apart, we are aware of how it has been created. To get at this point, we have done a lot of discarding. I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not an immigrant, I’m not black, I’m not Turkish, I am not Albanian, I’m not poor, I’m not rich, I’m not a worker, I’m not a commoner, I’m not red, I’m not green, I’m not blue, I’m not a fascist, I’m not a police officer, I’m not an anarchist. I’m not; instead I am everything.

A handful of people have gathered to eliminate separation, even though we know that the war is raging. We have gathered to support those people that every war and every crisis throws at the sidelines. To support those who have not even provided with the ability to support themselves, not even with their basic needs. We are beyond ideologies, because we are bored of them and because they have all failed. Our aim goes beyond money, the corollary of this failure. Our only weapon is a vital one and it is crystal clear: it is to be available to support all. We are here for each other. Whoever ignores this, participates passively or actively in creating an artificial crisis. We are not against those who choose to overlook; we’re just in favor of all. For if someone is in favor of all, he is initially and always in favor of those who need it most.

We are a handful of people trying to walk together with the dwarf stars of history, with its minute letters in an invisible margin, with our own selves. With the homeless, the unemployed, the stranger, the child begging at the traffic lights, the battered mother, the one who abused of her. We attempt to meet there, at the contiguous boundary, next to us. Not as savors, neither out of guilt, but deeply aware that as long as the margin is outside us, it is also within us.
We are a team of psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health counselors who are attempting to break the roles. We are attempting to make our services, our knowledge and experience that we have gained throughout our different paths, available to all those who would not even dare to think about having access to such services.
We do not present ourselves as specialists but rather as people who offer to tie a broken bone. Knowledge does not matter here, even though it retains its value. What counts is only that extra drop. Mental health is not a luxury. It is bread and water.
There is still a lot to learn and even what we know we have to re-learn from the beginning every day. Let’s count ourselves and start the game with a quiet joy, both lively and serious. It is not a luxury either. It is bread and water and it is for everyone. It’s only by doing so that the world will stop being afraid of the day of the final, or of any short or long crisis. When it learns to rotate for everyone.
Whenever “crises” drive love into the corner, it always finds the danger exit. Let’s become that danger exit. Love is an art, and like all art it thrives on inspiration. Our inspiration is not the innovative, it is the truthful. We are looking for true paths, not strewn with hatred, nor money, nor envy, nor with false images, neither separation nor ideology, nor with pain or fear. They are pure and simple like the skies. Let them be old or new. This bet does not depend on the outcome; it depends on the availability. Chances are at any case on our side.

From the heart (.. continues)

Questions continue to arise beautifully. Our heart continues to answer, too. Where will we be meeting? The first space that we know for sure that we possess it’s us. And we can finally make that space whatever we want, we can use it however we want. We are finally ready to offer it. Here, the key value is not money. Here, the money does not even exist. What really exists and matters is only the rich potential of each and everyone of us. It’s a potential not negotiable and it’s not an excess.

By offering this potential, we see that it is within us. We want to create a space in which we learn how to constantly let our quality bloom. This is an endless learning. Whoever knows about growing flowers, knows about watering too. Whoever knows about watering, knows also about hard work. It takes a lot of work to transform the fields of need into a fertile land.

We are holding some watering pots in the hands, which may not be enough, but it is the beginning. We put them first and make sure to always keep them full. If anyone wants to come with us, they can bring whatever they have got. Their own watering pot, their own tools, their own presence, their own needs. Nothing here is fungible, nothing is owed. Everyone just puts on the table what they have in their pockets. Whenever they want, whenever they have. Here they all have the same value, since one does not exist without the other. What would the watering pot be without flowers? What would be the water without the drought?

Here, there is no patient and therapist, there is therapy. In order for this to happen we are all necessary. You are me and I am you. Separation is an illusion. If anyone ignores that too, they he continue to bang their heads on the wall and bleed uncontrollably. Let them be a king or a beggar, the blood that runs is the same.

Only what I offer is mine. And only by offering it I see that I have it. There is no greater gift than that. The gift is not what I give, it is the fact that you receive it. This is the fundamental principle of any kind of hospitality. Here we are all hosts and guests. If I want to receive, I make you a gift. If I want to give, you give me a gift. They are the two sides of the same coin, forever.

Therefore, anyone who wants to give, will give. Anyone who needs to getwill get.
We offer ourselves. Everyone, with no exception has a self to offer. Our only limitation is love. We will set our limits with love too. We will do whatever we can, with all the strength we have.
We are afraid too, we are also in need. However, others are more in need. We’ll start with them. The reasons are obviously practical. If for example someone leaves a jug of water at the table and you’re exhausted from thirst while I am not, the least I can do is to offer you a glass of water to drink. And when you drink and quench your thirst, you will fill the next glass. I have not offered you something. You owe nothing to me. Just as nobody owes you anything. The water quenched the thirst of everyone. Love is not in us, we are in it. We are the tools. And only through each other we can learn what love can teach us.

So the first fuel of love is water. We will find more. Bread, for example. Still, this is only the basic. All we need to do is to learn to knead, so as to be able to move further. So that to manage to make luxury staple for us all. Freedom begins when necessity ceases. Necessity ceases when even only one of us manages to say “I take responsibility.” How else? It doesn’t matter who says it, who writes it, who reads it, who paints it. What matters is who accomplishes what he says, what he writes, what he reads, what he paints. What matters is who accomplishes it. Only in this way do people learn to act freely and on their own decision, in their own time. When someone shows them that it is possible.
Because it is possible.
In this space we shall meet.
In the space where everything is possible.
Because it is.